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I *kinda quit my job today.(*meaning I've cleared out my locker and told two people I was leaving but I still need to call my boss in the a.m. to make it official)

BUT other than that I've quit and HOLY FUCK.

Feeling lots of things right now though the main one is a sense of peace I haven't felt a long time. But the other very prominent feeling is shock which I find strange. I mean I've been daydreaming about leaving that place for so long and now that I've finally taken the plunge it's certainly a shock to my system.

I actually planned on quitting at the end of the month new job or not (and two more paychecks in my bank account) but today something just clicked in me and I could not bring myself to keep going on the way I was there.

<rant mode: on>
It took so much out of me to get up and go everyday despite at one point I really needed that job. On the days I had to work I was always really bitchy (for a reason but not a good one), had to deal with the mostuncomfortable chairs EVER, how dirty that place was (which I'm sure contributed to my increase of acne and colds), CARPET FUCKING MITES and the of course and for most the very stupid asshole (did I mention racist & sexist?) upper managers who couldn't manage their way out of a bucket. I mean you know it's bad when you're daydreaming about zombie invasions and you imagine it's you or me situation and I have a gun they've recently become infected *BAM* I win bitches.

The only thing I picked up from this job was a few more gray hairs, My increased potty mouth and an intense dislike for 97.9% of humanity. OH and did you know these backward motherfuckers OUTLAWED COFFEE in our office because some idiot on another shift (NOT ours as everyone likes to blame everything on the afternoon shift) ruined a keyboard and they knew who it was but didn't do anything to them but made us suffer for it.
<rant mode: off>

Even though I would have preferred to leave that place with another job lined up I am very happy with my decision and hopefully now that I have nothing but time I'll find something better soon. I have to damnit.

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Yeah me too. Luckily because on this paycheck I get what I was making plus holiday pay from labor day. I could stretch that out for a bit since all the bills are payed up for the next few months. Yes bb new jobs!!!!

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