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life as such
Paid overdue internet bill so we're back on!
Had job a interview Wednesday!!!!!
I've lost weight XD
SHINee's new video came today & Patrick Wolfs' new cd leaked too!!! 

Last Friday I paid the internet bill just to be (unknowingly at the time) baited & switched and now has to wait until Tuesday of next week for some  technician to come out set 'our new high speed internet' XP (It's safe to say I'm addicted to the internet now)
I'm SO freaking tired.
The Boy is back home.


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Patrick Wolfs' new cd leaked too!!!
~ You mean Bruce Springsteen's CD did. ;)

I'm listening to it now and want to dance around my room. ♥

Btw, do you know how to buy Lupercalia and The Bachelor (for that matter) in the U.S.?

XD kekeke~

Hmm your best bet is checking out his official store but or uk or ebay serve just as well.

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