Days 6 & 7
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Day 5: A song that makes you turn up the volume on your radio

One of my favorite songs by this group and I can remember when this song was out I would definitely turn it up.
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Day 4: A song that explains your first kiss
Sadly I still haven't had my first kiss...

But somehow I can agree when it happens this is what will be playing in my head...

XD ikr?

Day 3: A song you would people to listen to and think of you
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Day 2: A song you find incredibly beautiful
Better late than never!

Gads! this song never fails to completely overwhelm me. The song is performed by group Secret Garden and the first time I heard it was in one my favorite movies "2046". The song was originally composed by Samuel Barber and while many have covered this song I think this one of the best versions.
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Day 1: A song your loved ones to play at your funeral
 One more reason to post in my journal more often. Let's all bet how long I'll be able to keep this one going!  XD

One of my favorites by Patrick Wolf and very fitting I guess for a funeral.
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Hey! I'm still breathing!

Long time no hear, eh? 

Trust me it's not for the lack of anything going on in my life. It's one part too lazy to post something and one part since the new year started it's been "A series of unfortunate events" which I honestly don't have the energy to get into but to sum it up: pure fuckery on an almost cosmic level.
Despite it all though I've been amazingly keeping a brave face and trying to stay optimistic about things. Mostly because to bitch about it really won't make it go away.
Currently I still have the same crappy job I may have mentioned before. Amazing that I've been working there for over year now (seriously where the fuck does time go?) though right now I'm looking for a new job or maybe a weekend part time job but so far my search has yielded zip but I'm still looking. Other than that I've been kidnapped by tumblr, consuming large amounts of caffeine, reading a lot and fawning over various fandoms (k-pop <3 & SPN especially).
Lately I've been getting to itch to write again and has decided to at least once a week I will write something at with least 500 words (quite ambitious of me right?). 
Now off to take some more drugs to get over this stupid cold in time for work tomorrow. 

Well it's been awhile

Long time no post. Needless to say I've been really really busy the past few months between work and school. My 21st birthday was recently (finally now old to buy my own poison xD) and I spent it in Chicago with my best friend and had a blast hanging out with her and makes me miss her even more than I already do. In other news shitty job is still shitty and my reason for hauling ass in my studies so I can find a better job. Hopefully in the next few months I can start saving up for car and possibly by spring finished with school and possibly begin to hope to move out.

In mean time in less than 3 hours or so it'll be Nanowrimo 10'!!! one my favorite events of the year but I don't know (yet) if I'll be partispating this year. Last year I amazingly made it past 50k but was thoroughly exhausted from it and didn't write anything for almost 6 months or so but If I should do anything this month I may do a miniwrimo as some people do which consists of a wordcount of 10k which may be doable with my schedule. Most likely I'll decide by this Wednsday if I'll do anything.

Oh and Happy Halloween!!!

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How many baboons could you take in a fight? (armed only with a giant dildo)

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Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy
What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?

For some odd reason I see a motorcycle.


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